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Unlockable Shields[]

Unlockable shields can be unlocked for Cassidy's dream by building her relationship with NPCs in the Waking World.

List of Unlockable Shields[]

Radiant Shield[]

Cassidy using the Radiant Shield

Pairs nicely with the Radiant Edge, this shield boasts an impressive damage resistance.

If the Care Bears had a shield.


Cassidy using the Blowback

For when you need space. Parry your enemies and blow them back.

I thought I said to stay away.

Storm Ward[]

Cassidy using the Storm Ward

Parry an attack to send out a pulse of electricity around you, shocking enemies.

Nothing says “step back” like 100,000 volts.

Warding Winds[]

Cassidy using Warding Winds

Who needs parrying when you can block attacks from all around you?

In my own little vortex.

Crimson Shield[]

For the ultra-offensive, this shield buffs your attack damage when taking damage. Defense? Who needs defense?

Getting hit makes me angry. You won’t like me when I’m angry.

Flame Shield[]

When your nightmares get a little too close, a parry will light the air around you on fire, burning any who get a little too friendly.

Get too close and you’ll be burned.