Unlockable Melee Weapons

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Unlockable Melee Weapons[edit | edit source]

Unlockable melee weapons can be unlocked for Cassidy's dream by building out relationships with NPCs in the Waking World.

You can see a list of unlocked melee weapons here.

List of Unlockable Melee Weapons[edit | edit source]

Breaker Sword[edit | edit source]

A heavy blade that crushes the earth on its third blow, although it seems almost impossible to wield.

Like it’s straight outta my favorite RPG.

Megaton Stingers[edit | edit source]

Cassidy using the Megaton Stingers

The Megaton Stingers are great for controlling crowds of pesky nightmares period time to walk the dog and relive the glory days.

Float like a butterfly.

Pool Cue[edit | edit source]

For channeling your inner Donatelo, there's nothing better than a spinning flurry of blocks with a stick.

Haven't needed to use my cue like this at the pool hall yet.

Biting Dagger[edit | edit source]

Small, but deadly, this dagger comes seeped in poison.

Just a little nibble.

Mallory[edit | edit source]

From Adam Burgess, a vicious scythe with a three hit combo that lays enemies down. Throw your scythe forward with your alternate attack and punish everything in your path.

A razor sharp scythe courtesy of Adam Burgess.

Koregan[edit | edit source]

From the mind of backer Luke Haythorpe comes a decidedly deadly trident named Koregan. The alternate attack is a fast, punishing dash attack.

My buddy Luke Haythorpe always said three stabby things are better than one.

Fishing Pole[edit | edit source]

Khak1s brings us this versatile weapon, wielded like a whip. The alternate attack hold enemies in close to continue your combos.

Just like the one that Khak1s gave me when we went finishing on that camping trip.

Umbrella[edit | edit source]

Cassidy is prepared even on a rainy day. This umbrella’s third hit and alternate attack will open up the umbrella up, sending enemies reeling.

Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head.

Radiant Edge[edit | edit source]

A glowing rainbow blade that would make even the Care Bears jealous.

Who said rainbows aren’t dangerous?