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Unlockable Abilities[]

Unlockable abilities are Lucid Attacks that you can unlock for Cassidy's dream by building out relationships with NPCs.

List of Unlockable Abilities[]

Power Chord[]

Cassidy uses Power Chord

Rock out and send your foes reeling with the force of this lethal power chord.

Time to turn it up to 11.

Lightning Strike[]

Cassidy uses Lightning Strike

Blast away enemies in front of you with a concentrated lightning strike that sends them up into the air.

This seems dangerous.

I Don't Know How to Leave[]

Cassidy uses I Don't Know How to Leave

Cassidy reaches etheral claws to pull enemies in close. Designed by Caples, inspired by Cassidy's difficulty in saying goodbye.

Sometimes it's hard to let go.

Ground Surge[]

Cassidy uses Ground Surge

Channel the fury of the storm and send it arching out along the ground, tracking your enemies down.

Eye of the storm.


Cassidy uses Skyfall

Call down the heavens and smash a meteor into the earth, causing massive damage.

Where did that come from?


Cassidy uses Release

When you've had enough, push the world away from you. This will send enemies on all sides of flying.

For when your nightmares aren’t giving you 6 feet.


Cassidy uses Detonate

Explode all that pent up emotion outward, lightning your nightmares up around you.

I’m all fired up.


Cassidy uses Terracade

Shape the earth - pull a barrier up to thwart advancing enemies, or block incoming projectiles.

Out of sight, out of mind.


Cassidy uses Overdrive

Send yourself into Overdrive - increasing attack power, speed, defense and agility.

I learned this from a chubby blue guy in a dream.

Seismic Wave[]

Cassidy uses Seismic Wave

Cassidy stomps the ground, sending a line of force that hurls earth up at enemies-

They can't handle the magnitude of it.

Lightning Storm[]

Cassidy uses Lightning Storm

Get supercharged and called down lightning on all enemies within the room, flattening them into the ground.

To match my mood.