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This template is for creating the styled headings used within boxes on the front page: Dreamscaper Wiki. It relies heavily on CSS in MediaWiki:Common.css and MediaWiki:Mobile.css.

NOTE: These should generally not be used in content pages to mark sections in a page. Instead, please use wikitext headings. ==Usage==

	{{FP heading | content | type = <main/subheading/none> /optional}}

==Parameters== ;content : Content of the heading Required. ;|type= : Optional parameter to select which type of heading to use. Valid values: main (larger text), subheading (no background). If omitted, will default to the standard heading style.


	{{FP heading | no type}}
no type
	{{FP heading | main type | type = main}}
main type
	{{FP heading | subheading type | type = subheading}}
subheading type