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There were a few more improvements & fixes we wanted to squeeze in before we go heads-down on the upcoming 1.1 Update (the one with the new content including items) so here you go!


  • Increasing the size of a lot of smaller text (primarily for Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck)
  • Character Stats in the Inventory can now be scrolled through (right stick on Gamepad)

Balance Changes[]

  • Status Effect trigger chance is no longer reduced by number of hits (except for Freeze)
  • Status Effects being triggered by multiple hits extends previous effects instead of stopping and starting new ones
  • Slight nerf to Feather Foot Flip Damage
  • Nerfed a particularly brutal combat room in nightmare hometown that had two bruisers

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed issue where cooldown can get stuck on an empty Lucid ability after a swap.
  • Fixed issue where unclaimed Item Mastery rewards would not stay in the room after teleporting out.
  • Fixed some missing Chinese translations
  • Fixed some German typos


Rob, Ian & Paul