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Hey everyone,

We've been following your conversations in Discord and on the forums since launch and have compiled a list of the most-asked for changes and improvements. Over the last month, we've been implementing those requests and modifying Dreamscaper based on all your great feedback.

Today we're releasing our first major quality of life update, with your requested changes, ahead of our planned 1.1 update.

Here's what you can expect:


  • Black Hole now damages enemies with an explosion at the end
  • Bombs now have screen shake
  • Overworld map lists what location takes what meta currency
  • Checkbox to auto-skip boss cutscenes is now in the options menu
  • New iconography that indicates whether a modifier is global or for that item
  • Checkbox for higher visibility cursor (M+K)
  • Clearer indication item is mastered in loadout list
  • Left side of loadout menu now shows mastery level
  • Auto-recycle now works on sand
  • Nightmare Loss electrical hazard uses green color instead of blue
  • Wanderer buffing effects have more clear visual indicator
  • Re-rolling chit chat interest once if initial roll is a duplicate.
  • Puzzle of Revelation no longer has guess work, there is always a deterministic answer
  • Traps are now deactivated in cleared rooms
  • No longer duplicates in choice rooms and merchant shops
  • Item UI displays total damage calculation for multi-hit attacks
  • Random Mastered / Random Not Mastered are now options in the loadout list
  • Firebird feather now staggers enemies when triggered
  • The player can no longer be grabbed out of long hit reactions by the bruiser
  • Shock now applies over time and can be applied as first element that causes a Critical Extinguish
  • Healing numbers pop up over the player similar to damage
  • Sub 1 damage and healing numbers now display a decimal point (e.g. 0.4)
  • Lucid attack icons on the HUD display remaining cooldown seconds

Balance Changes[]

  • Resentment now has a new attack and a more challenging attack pattern
  • Regret has received a difficulty increase, and a slight health decrease
  • Dream Intensity rewards have been increased substantially
  • Overall meta-progression speed has been increased to reduce grind
  • Critical Extinguishes can only be triggered by attacks, not statuses
  • Critical Extinguishes can only be triggered by separate attacks
  • Mastering an item now immediately grants a small amount of meta currency
  • Sand grants now scale with level
  • Deflector shield boost to parry window now 100%
  • Crystal Barrier recharge from 15 to 20 seconds
  • Reduced Loss speed at higher intensities and second phase
  • Mage's pillar attack is less punishing and easier to avoid
  • Reduce duration of Player popup and stagger hit reacts
  • Spirit board hitbox size increased
  • Finger Gun's Mastery Modifier changed to lucid consumption decrease
  • Adjusted height of water balloon and firecracker projectile
  • Decent Drencher and Boostie Fuego now always apply status effects
  • Boostie Fuego's range and damage increased
  • Shock chain length & damage increased
  • Poison damage mastery modifier is now +10% damage
  • Spring Feet keepsake now grants +30% Max Health
  • Doubling Booster shot health recovery to +20%
  • Decreased strength of Wanderer buffs
  • Parried enemies are staggered for 25% longer
  • Modifier that triggers healing with a successful parry has been buffed

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed bugs with leech effect not applying
  • Fixed bug where beam weapons weren't applying leech consistently
  • Fixed camera-framing bug during Loss fight
  • Explosive Trap Resistance now works on Assassin's bombs, late stage elemental explosive traps and ring explosive traps
  • Fixed bug where fire resistance wasn't applying to certain enemy attacks
  • Overdrive no longer lists a level / is not affected by item level
  • Various bug fixes for end-of-level auto-recycle
  • Fixed issue where projectiles and attacks did not destroy the Assassin's mines
  • Fix cooldown trigger on a variety of lucid attacks
  • Fixing bug where unreleased items were counted in % completion.
  • Various fixes to geometry and collision so players can not fall out of bounds
  • Various fixes to geometry and collision so enemies can not teleport out of bounds
  • Various fixes to rooms so enemies and treasure do not spawn out of bounds
  • Fixed typos across all languages
  • Fixed visual bug in the Enchantment Room in The Return
  • Can no longer walk up table/couch in Apartment (sorry)
  • Fixing bug where the player can be damaged by "frozen" attack collision.
  • Fixing bug where ability projectiles weren't getting damage buff.
  • Medicine Ball Keepsake now affects speed for ranged lucid attacks
  • Fixed bug where Enchantment Room UI would resize on selection.
  • Fixed looping teleport bug on Assassin

Thanks again for your amazing feedback and your continued dedication to improving Dreamscaper with us! We look forward to hearing more from all of you.

As always, if you haven't yet, please leave us a review with your thoughts.

You can also give us feedback directly via Discord.

Next up we have new content in our 1.1 update! We'll be sharing more with you in the coming months.

- Ian, Rob & Paul