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What an exciting few days! We are thrilled to see a huge influx of players and even more thrilled to see the positive response to Dreamscaper 1.0. We wanted to get a quick stability patch out immediately this week to help with some of the most critical issues discovered:

  • Fixing crash that can occur when starting a new save game.
  • Fixing bug where players can get stuck in the room young Cassidy wakes in during the intro.
  • Empty combat room in Nightmare Campround now has enemies.
  • Fixed hidden obstacles discovered in Nightmare City.
  • Fixing bug where Primal Scream audio was not playing.
  • Fixing some English typos.

This is just the beginning. We plan on having another focused stability patch out later this week to resolve additional high-priority issues, and then more general bug-fixing & quality-of-life improvements in the following weeks.