Dreamscaper Wiki

We're beyond excited to get Dreamscaper into your hands on August 14th on Steam. That's right, our Early Access PC launch is only three weeks away!

Beta Backers[]

The big news for all you beta backers - you can play right now.

NOTE: There is currently an embargo on streaming or uploading footage from the Beta. We will let you know when this has been lifted, but until then please refrain from publicly sharing any new footage or content.

While it's (hopefully) fairly stable, we know of and expect you to find more minor bugs. We are still 3 weeks away from our full launch and will use this time to address any issues you find. Additionally, more content will be added in that time and we will be adjusting balance based on your feedback.

All Other Backers[]

For all other backers: we'll be sending keys out early morning release day. In the meantime, if you have not yet filled out the backer survey, please do! This will help us make sure we get your keys and rewards to you as soon as possible.

Switch Release[]

For everyone who is anticipating a switch release, firstly, we'd like to apologize. Originally, we had hoped we'd be able to do a simultaneous Switch and PC release.

While the Nintendo Switch version is still on the way, we've learned over time that the Nintendo Switch isn't suited for Early Access. We need to be able to update the game very frequently, and the lengthy process to get builds approved was going to slow us down tremendously during this phase. Therefore we won't be able to deliver a Switch release at the same time as our Steam release.

In the meantime, if you'd prefer not to wait, we are happy to swap anyone's choice of platform from Switch to PC. If you'd like to receive the game on PC instead, please send us a direct message and we'll make sure you get a key for the Steam version on launch day.


Name an Item or Ability
Look for an email in the coming weeks, we'll be in touch to make sure your item is named for Early Access.
Artbook and OST
Most likely these will be sent out along or directly after the Dreamscaper 1.0 launch on Steam later in the year. We want to make sure to dedicate time to making both the artbook and OST as high quality for you as possible, rather than delivering you a version that is only half-complete, as we're still working on both the music and art of the game.
Cosmic Frying Pan, Cassidy Skin & 32-bit Mode
We'll keep this update as short as possible, as we'll have a much larger and more detailed update for you next month on August 14th. We'll fill you in on all the new things you can expect in our Early Access launch, and what the Early Access road map looks like.