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Beta Preview

We're going to keep this update short and sweet, as we're hard at work on the upcoming beta. Thanks to your support, we're excited to share that we've managed to pack more content into the beta than was originally planned. Here's a preview of what you can expect to see:


  • New Location: Bar
  • New Location: Cofee Shop
  • New Location: Book Store
  • New Character: Eve
  • New Character: Bruce
  • New Character: Tamal
  • New Character: Alison
  • Dream Journal
  • 16 Story Vignettes
  • Crafting
  • 16 New Crafting Resources
  • Ideas encountered in Waking World inject content in next Dream


City Layout.gif
  • New Dreamscape: City
  • New Boss: Fear
  • 50 New and Powerful Keepsakes
  • 5 New Combat Challenges
  • New loot rooms that offer players choice
  • New enemy types and patterns
  • New Weapons
  • New Abilities
  • New Shoes
  • New Shields
  • New Item Modifiers
  • New Levels in Hometown
  • End of Dream Summary
Sword Beta.gif

Quality of Life[]

  • Balance and Progression Revamp
  • Full Key Rebindings
  • Many bug fixes

We'll be rolling out the Beta shortly, so stay tuned! For those of you who have designed something to go into the game, we're working through those and you should see some of your ideas in this update!

Once the Beta is out, you should expect patches and content updates for a short period of time before we turn back to full on production.