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May 6, 2020

We've made a huge number of (mostly user-suggested) improvements to the game that we feel comfortable releasing into Early Access in the form of our second Catnap Update.

Quality of Life Improvements[]

  • Lucid Fountains now grant a random Lucid Drop Keepsake (+% Max Lucid)
  • Character Stats in the Inventory are only displayed for stats that have been modified from the default.
  • Daydreaming & Meditation no longer have explicit upgrade tiers to purchase. Tiers are unlocked simply through total currency spend.
  • Crystal Barrier will stagger nearby enemies when broken.
  • The Sketchbook has an exclamation mark next to discovered Ideas that haven't been viewed yet.
  • When discovering a new preferred gift, fanfare animation & sound is triggered.
  • Items that double keys and/or bombs will give you 1 of the currency if you have 0 before pickup.
  • Perfect Dodges additionally buff the interrupting Melee & Ranged Weapon attack damage as well.
  • Explicit Shatter has been replaced with Frozen enemies being shattered by natural critical hits (more common synergy).
  • Camera Zoom settings can now be set in the Controls options (Toggle, 1x, 2x, 4x).
  • Lobbed Player Projectiles have a consistent arc now, regardless of speed.
  • "Chained Effects" have been renamed to "Shock Chain" to reduce confusion over the feature.
  • Level Summary UI has received some polish.
  • Save slots now display "Nights Passed" and "Successful Runs"
  • The projectile-firing traps should now have better positioning outside of the level bounds, so that their collision does not impede the player.
  • The attack telegraphs appearing over the player's head have been given a stroke, made larger and more obvious.

Balance Changes[]

  • Level generation has been improved so that certain room types are statistically more common. For example, Enchantment room should now show up in approximately half of all floors.
  • Taking non-parried hits to your shield drains Lucid (not very much).
  • The Meditation upgrade "Celebrate My Success" has been moved to an earlier tier.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixing bug where fast-moving projectiles could skip past enemies.
  • Fixing bug where lobbed enemy projectiles could "hang" in the air.
  • Fixing bugs with controller force feedback.
  • Fixing bug with Treasure Map.
  • Fixing bug with Futuresight upgrade.
  • Fixing bugs where Character Stats could display 0 health.
  • Fixing bug where Nightmare Campground could receive repeating rooms.
  • Fixing bug where City was more likely to spawn specific rooms.
  • Fixing bug where enemies could rotate in a jerky fashion.
  • Fixing bug where some status effects could deal 0 damage.
  • Fixing camera issue for Negativty fight.
  • Numerous boss fixes.
  • Numerous enemy fixes.
  • Numerous level collision fixes.
  • Numerous UI fixes.
  • Numerous loot spawn location fixes.
  • Numerous typo fixes.

Patch Notes[][]

May 7, 2020

The initial tuning we put in for when lucid is drained when blocking hits with a shield was found to be too punishing. We've greatly reduced this amount.[]

May 7, 2020
  • Experimenting with a change to make Heavies, Bruisers & Battlemages 2x resistant to parried projectiles.
  • Fixing collision box on Snowball Projectile.
  • Updated Chinese translations.[]

May 8, 2021
  • Fixing issue where Isolation's "Overwhelm" projectiles are moving way too fast
  • Fixing visual issue with the Critical Attack VFX
  • Fixing a minor attack pattern mistake in the final boss battle[]

June 2, 2021
  • New Music for Nightmare Event & Restore Rooms from Dale North
  • Bombs, Keys, Health, Sand, Resolve, Glass & Inspiration dropped by enemies should be much higher now.
  • Ideas should be much more common now.
  • Fixing bug where player can still perform actions when frozen.
  • Fixing bugs where some item speed modifiers aren't being respected.
  • Fixed Primal Scream audio bugs.
  • Particle systems are more readable on Lower quality settings.
  • Parried projectiles no longer appear to teleport.
  • Ranger attacks have better telegraphing, fixed poison attack hitbox duration.
  • Fixed some enemy out-of-bounds spawn locations.
  • Various graphical glitch fixes.
  • Various lighting improvements.
  • Various run-time optimizations.[]

June 4, 2021

An optimization that was meant only for a certain console port accidentally made it onto the PC in the latest update. The result was that turning V-Sync on would sync your frames at a 30 Hz frequency instead of the intended 60 Hz on Windows. This is now fixed.