Dreamscaper Wiki
March 25, 2021

As we enter the final stretch of Dreamscaper's Early Access period, we are now focusing most of our efforts on delivering the best Dreamscaper 1.0 experience possible. The team is well on their way towards finishing the final biome, the two final bosses and fleshing out a more complete story for Cassidy.

While this work admittedly stretches our 3-person team fairly thin, we decided we still wanted to continue providing regular updates to those of you who continue to support our game's development.

Dodge Improvements[]

  • Introducing the "Perfect Dodge Interrupt" (The same "Perfect" system we have for Melee & Ranged attacks to the recovery animations of each dodge)

Guard Break[]

Guard Break.gif
  • For now, all Alternate Attack on all Melee Weapons will break guard.

New Secret Room Visuals[]

Secret Room.jpg

We have polished up our secret rooms by giving them a very distinct aesthetic.

New Exchange Room Visuals[]

Exchange Room.jpg

Similarly, Paul gave the exchange rooms a distinct aesthetic as well.

Minimap Improvements[]

Minimap Early.jpg

Discord user "Hashin" pointed out that there was no way to tell the difference between a portal that is Locked, Reinforced, or a combination of the two. For now, we have decided to simply color-code the portal in the UI.

Destructibles 2.0[]

Originally we wanted players to be deliberate in where they place bombs for clearing reinforced destructibles. Over time, it became clear that it was frustrating to not. There are admittedly quite a few issues with destructibles. We've reworked the mechanic from the ground up to solve all of the observed frustrations:

We are now far more generous with hits and we've introduced rules that prevent stragglers completely.
Bomb Rules
Bombs fully destroy a destructible cluster in order to encourage more experimentation with bombs!

General Improvements[]

  • Unclaimed items on the ground will be automatically recycled into sand on descension!
  • You can now recycle item choices without having to pick one up first.
  • Bombs have a short cooldown to prevent accidental double taps.
  • New discovered interests play a reveal animation when chit-chatting.
  • Gamepad UI navigation has been greatly improved.
  • A full audio balance & polish pass.
  • As always, a lot of bug fixes!