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February 18, 2021

We've been on the quieter side over the past couple months, but don't worry, we weren't hibernating. In fact, today we're excited to announce our biggest content drop yet, the Awakening Update. Due to its scope, it's taken a bit longer than past updates, but we're currently targeting a release in mid-to-late February.

Brand New Game Flow[]

Cassidy no longer wakes up between dreams. Instead, your dream is one continuous experience. We have more we will be expanding on with game flow in our coming updates. Without giving too much away, we'll be working to make sure there are more discreet milestones that help fill out Cassidy's story.

As for the waking world - we've done away with the concept of "time" as energy to be used. The waking world is much more freeform with lots of new things to do.


Cassidy can travel to Taylor Park to Meditate. Meditation allows Cassidy to focus and work on herself, permanently improving stats and granting new abilities to be used in the Dreamscapes.

Meditate Early.jpg



At the bar, Cassidy can get lost in thought. While Daydreaming, Cassidy can upgrade the Dreamscape, unlocking new types of rooms and enhancing the dream world.



At the Cafe, Cassidy can sketch out new ideas she finds in her dreams. While in the Dreamscape, you will come across Ideas for items that Cassidy will take back to the Waking World with her. Cassidy can spend Sparks of inspiration to flesh these ideas out and unlock new items & abilities for her next trip into her dreams.

To-Do List[]

To-Do List.jpg

Cassidy has begun to keep a To-Do List in her dream journal. There she can track her progress with various quests and reap rewards for completing them.

Item Mastery[]

Item Mastery.jpg

Cassidy has begun to keep a To-Do List in her dream journal. There she can track her progress with various quests and reap rewards for completing them.



Crafting has been stripped down and received a major facelift. This simplified system has been given some added depth with Recipes. As Cassidy travels throughout Redhaven, she can find crafting recipes that will unlock more elaborate gifts to give to her friends.

Updated UI[]

Waking World Map.jpg

Our UI got a facelift across the Waking World. You can expect an improved user experience and new visual stylings for this coming update. Here's a look at our redesigned map.

New Nightmare Campground Rooms[]

Nightmare Campground Rooms.jpg

New rooms have been added to this update to help flesh out the Nightmare Campground. Expect some new visuals and modified enemy configurations.

Closing Thoughts[]

As we mentioned, we're quite light on new items, weapons and enemies, as our focus was on a vastly improved Waking World experience for this update. You can expect some cool new content in the next update.

Patch Notes[][]

February 19, 2021
  • Fixing issues where enemy attacks can get stuck.
  • Fixing some translations in Simplified Chinese.[]

February 21, 2021

Fixed crash that could occur in the tutorial. Fixed bug with relationship Steam achievements. Added new fanfare sound for item mastery. Rebalanced Keepsake "Dusted Blanks"[]

  • Fixing crash caused by Projectiles & garbage collection
  • Doubled Chit-Chat Relationship experience granted
  • Fear's "Consume" attack has better telegraphing
  • % Complete on save slots only counts accessible items
  • Fixing erroneous modifiers spawning on specific items[]

  • Loadout Crafting is now FREE
  • Loadout Crafting now SAVES between runs
  • New Nightmare Campground levels
  • New Nightmare Campground layouts
  • New Nightmare Campground lighting
  • New Nightmare Campground colour scheme
  • BattleMage's Fire Attacks color has been changed[]

Well, you can't make a tasty omelet without breaking a few eggs. This quick hotfix resolves several new issues that cropped up in the revamped Nightmare Campground layouts.