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Update full of new content and quality of life upgrades. Released on November 25, 2020.

New Biome: Nightmare Campground[]

We've introduced a brand new biome in place of the previous fourth level. The Nightmare Campground, is a dangerous, twisted memory of one of Cassidy's most cherished places. Discover new memories, obstacles and haunting environments as you push through this hellish landscape to dive deeper into Cassidy's subconscious.

New Enemy Class: Battlemage[]

Face off against the Oathbreaker, a deadly battlemage that haunts Cassidy's mind. The Oathbreaker is a cunning foe that mixes magic, mobility and melee to push you to your limit.

Introducing Companions[]

Coming in hot for the Phoenix Update is a major new combat system. Cassidy will need all the help she can get, and the Companion system gives her the edge she needs.

Combat System Overhaul[]

Thanks to your amazing feedback, we took a good portion of time for this update to revise the combat system. Here are some of the biggest changes you can expect:

  • Enemies now spawn into rooms with spawn animations.
  • Projectiles are gone! Ranged weapons now use Lucid Meter that recharges.
  • A new elemental type - Wind
  • A new status effect - Off-balance (increase critical hit chance).
  • Critical Extinguishes - combining elemental effects results in an instant critical hit, adding more depth and strategy to your builds and combat options.
  • Visual overhaul for weapon skins breath new life into elemental effects.
  • A robust damage number system.
  • Ranged weapons and Lucid Attacks have visual indicators.
  • Beam weapons are now affected by modifiers.
  • Improved enemy pathing.
  • Configurable aim-assist for ranged attacks.

New Items[]

You can expect to find 22 new items in this update, ranging from new weapons and abilities, to new dodges, shields and keepsakes!

Patch Notes[][]

November 26, 2020
  • Reducing overall number of combat rooms to make full runs faster
  • Nerfing critical damage modifiers by half
  • Fixing crash that can occur when rapidly alternating between attack types
  • Fixing visual glitches with Dream Fall sequences (Hotfixed)
  • Collision fixes in Nightmare Campground
  • A bunch of misc. bug fixes[]

December 1, 2020
Quality of Life
  • Added Camera Zoom toggle
  • Added short time dilation when entering a challenge room to let players read the challenge before proceeding
  • Added option to turn off tips
  • Lucid Awakening icon now has a "ready" notification animation that plays upon entering a room with a charged Lucid Awakening
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed visual bug with Bokeh effects during transitions
  • Misc audio fixes (Weave, Aqua Harpoon, Torrential Frost)
  • Bruiser Dash Punch can now be properly parried
  • Fixed camera bug when traveling between rooms
  • Fixed enemy navigation bugs
  • Fixed pits overlapping doors in Nightmare Campground
  • Fixed bug with color tags on Wet modifier[]

December 2, 2020
  • Fix for the crashes reported (related to garbage collection)
  • Radiant Edge Combo Fixed
  • Toggle Camera Zoom now listed in rebindings[]

December 3, 2020
  • Fixing "zombie" beams.
  • Fixing depth of field when waking up from defeat.
  • Adding missing Simplified Chinese translations.[]

December 7, 2020
  • Fixing another depth of field bug in certain biomes.
  • Removing the farthest zoom mode from that feature.
  • Fixing performance regression in the Nightmare Campground Mini-Boss room.[]

December 8, 2020
  • Added Ice, Water and Oil damage boost numbers to stats screen.
  • Fixing (hilarious) race condition where Cassidy could dream fall into the park.
  • Fixing animation pop for Isolation and Rain of Blade's projectiles.
  • Fixing some minor z-fighting issues on Low quality