Dreamscaper Wiki
October 2, 2020

New Boss: Negativity[]

Headlining our update is the new boss, "Negativity," which is the manifestation of how Cassidy feels about herself. Negativity has replaced the mini-boss at the end of the 5th floor.

New Character: Rose[]

Cassidy can now befriend an additional character who can be found in the new Waking World location, the local record shop. Rose adores music and that will be reflected in both the three hours of story she provides, as well as the items and upgradeable Influence she unlocks.

Enchantment Shop[]

We've heard the feedback that players want more control over their builds. Therefore we've introduced a new shop with three services that can be used in exchange for sand:

  • Upgrade Equipment to increase the level of items in your inventory, boosting the base stats.
  • Reforge Modifiers for more chances to synergize your equipment.
  • Destroy Keepsakes that you no longer want active in your build.

Secret Rooms[]

It's no secret that Dreamscaper has been heavily inspired by Binding of Isaac, especially when it comes to level generation and exploration. One feature that game borrowed from The Legend of Zelda was the ability to discover secret rooms in the map filled with extra goodies. Without ruining the surprise of finding and revealing them yourselves, we can confirm that they exist and we will continue to iterate on them across future updates.

New Items[]

An update wouldn't be complete without a sizable batch of new powerful items to unlock or discover in your runs. We feel that these items in particular are some of the most unique that you'll find in the game, from both a functional and thematic perspective:

  • New Upgradeable Influence
  • 4 New Weapons
  • 3 New Lucid Abilities
  • 10 New Keepsakes

Kickstarter Rewards[]

Cosmic Frying Pan
For those of you who pledged at the Dreamer Tier or higher, you will be able to find or craft the Cosmic Frying Pan. To maintain game balance, it shares stats and spawn rate with the Broadsword.
Alternative Cassidy Skin
For those of you who pledged at the Dreamer Tier or higher, you will be given the option to play as Cassidy when she experimented with purple hair dye and finally chose to wore a different outfit for the day.
Retro Mode
For those of you who pledged at the 32 Bit Dreamer Tier or higher, you can now play Dreamscaper the way it was meant to be played... If it was meant to be played in 1997.

Patch Notes[][]

6 October 2020
  • Record Store player position bug resolved
  • Leech now steals damage on killing blows
  • Fixed exploit where certain abilities could nearly instant-kill bosses
  • Text overlap bugs fixed
  • Fixing a rare crash when enemies teleport.
  • Rose dialogue updated to remove phrasing with potential negative connotations
  • Camera popping bugs fixed in various levels
  • Collision fixes in various levels
  • Potential fix for Loss cutscene hanging
  • Fix for destructibles and projectiles persisting in a room when teleporting quickly out of them.
  • Potential fix for the persisting leech effect
  • Out-of-bounds destructibles moved
  • Ranged weapons with shorter range should reach Loss now.
  • Impact VFX bugs with Trident charge fixed
  • Reported typos fixed.
  • Oculus VR plugin has been disabled so it shouldn't auto-start headsets.[]

October 9, 2020
  • Most Non-Cursed Keepsakes now grant the player Sand when removed at Enchantment Shop.
  • "Restart Run" & "Replay Tutorial" now prompt the player to confirm choice.
  • Fixing bug where Isolation & Bruiser could knock player out of playable area
  • Fixing bug where the player becomes invincible with a certain regen health shield modifier
  • Auto-fire Ranged weapons rebalanced*
  • Added Secret Discovered sound
  • Shadow Grab now has additional modifier the explains additional damage dealt on release.
  • Fixing bug where spawning with certain loadouts caused the player not to spawn with full health at the beginning of a run.
  • Fixing Leech VFX hanging around bug
  • Floors will no longer generate with combat rooms as the secret rooms
  • Player shouldn't be able to teledash off of the City bridge anymore
  • Coldsnap Post Process will no longer get stuck
  • Blackout Post Process will no longer get suck
  • Minor Optimization of Post Process render costs
  • Various Typo fixes
  • Optic Sear and Voltaic ray consume projectiles two and half times slower than before. Boostie Fuego and the Decent Drencher have the same consumption rate as before (which is twice as slow as the new version of the other two beam weapons), but a slightly lowered DPS to account for the longer amount of overall time they can be fired.[]

October 14, 2020
  • Negativity (new boss) now has cinematic intro and outro
  • Fixing bug where certain enemies could get trapped floating above red pits
  • Fixed a bug where secret portals were blocking certain attacks
  • Some groundwork laid for special upcoming content (not user facing yet)
  • Various UI fixes[]

October 29, 2020
  • Most Nightmares temporarily have (Jack-o-Lantern) heads!
  • New permanent Ability: Spirit Board
  • New permanent Keepsake: Trick-or-Treat
  • Various Bug Fixes