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A little over two years ago the three of us took a big risk - we left our job and decided to strike out on our own. A short year later we reached out for help when we launched this Kickstarter and all of you amazing people supported us and encouraged our development - we are truly so thankful!

Fast forward another year and today a personal dream of ours is coming true. We're so happy to be able to share this with all of you and can't wait for you to get a chance to play.

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As you can see, there's A LOT of content already in Dreamscaper. We're quite proud of the scope and quality of Dreamscaper at Early Access. It was important for us that our Early Access release feel like a full game, so you all can enjoy a complete experience from start to finish, even as we add more content and story moments.


We plan to be in Early Access for between six months and a year. During that time, we plan on releasing many, frequent updates that will expand the content, world and story of Dreamscaper.

Along with new levels and a plethora of new weapons, abilities and items, the full release of Dreamscaper will expand the depth of the story and interconnected nature of the waking world and dreaming world.

Look for new bosses, new challenges, new puzzles and an expanded waking world by the full release.

Patch Notes[]


August 14, 2020
  • Fixes crash that can occur when breaking Isolation's shield.


August 17, 2020
  • Fixes a crash that can occur during the third boss fight.
  • "Disable Smoothing" option added to control settings. Check this on if you have mouse sensitivity issues or want more responsive mouse movement.
  • Fixed a few rooms where enemies can teleport to unreachable areas.
  • No more standing on furniture.
  • Logging has been turned on to help with debugging issues.


August 19, 2020
  • Fixes a rare but gnarly crash on startup. (the one that wasn't producing any crash reports or logs)


August 21, 2020
  • NEW LUCID ATTACK: Breaking
Balance Changes
  • Health of enemies on the first two levels has been reduced.
  • Thunder Step triggers much quicker, but has reduced damage.
  • Modified difficulty of Minibosses on Campground Pt 2 and Nightmare City Pt 1.
  • Decreased enemy spawns in certain Nightmare City rooms.
  • Decreased Spear enemy's leaping attack frequency.
  • Decreased Ranged enemy's instant laser attack frequency.
  • Bottle Rocket has faster recovery.
  • Black Hole now applies status modifiers to enemies caught in its pull.
  • Cooldown on Kilonova has increased.
  • Cooldown on Rain of Blades has increased.
  • Cooldown on Frost Fracture has increased.
  • Cooldown on Skyfall has increased.
  • Fear has slightly lowered health.
  • Isolation (Campground Pt. 1 Boss) has new moves that make the fight more challenging and dynamic.
  • Unlocks can now be toggled off in the dream journal so they no longer spawn.
  • Red pits now have a short window before damaging players that allows for more forgiving dodges.
  • Lucid attacks now have a "cooldown ready" sound.
  • Items now display what class they belong to when interacting with them.
  • Bosses are no longer resistant to status effects, with the exception of freeze.
  • Tile puzzle has clearer visuals.
  • Many lucid attacks now have a more forgiving cooldown trigger window.
  • Bosses drop rewards further from Ascension Stones to prevent accidental ascensions.
Bug Fixes
  • Numerous crash fixes, stability should be much higher overall.
  • Numerous fixes for hitching.
  • Crystal Barrier no longer spawns with parry window modifier.
  • Boss attacks now disappear when bosses are defeated.
  • Fast Travel now works to and from visited Boss rooms.
  • Fixed issue where sometimes Previous Inventory spawned in next run.
  • Resources Tab in Crafting Menu is now populated correctly.
  • Waking World collision fixes.
  • Nightmare City occlusion, movement and collision fixes.
  • Fixed hit react and audio bug with Stalwart Shield.
  • Fixed visual bug when using two Coldsnaps in a row.
  • Fixed visual bug where Cassidy blends up onto the bar stool when talking to Eve.t
  • Tutorial turret has firing sound now.
  • Fixed visual bug with Isolation's blackout ability.
  • Added missing VFX to Loss intro and outro sequence.
  • Fixed numerous typos across the memory system.
  • Fixed numerous typos across items.
  • Fixed numerous typos across dialogue sequences.
  • You can no longer parry Red Pits.
  • Red Pit Resistance is working again
  • Tutorial Stuck at Screen Fixed
  • Fixed looping Mage Projectile Explosion


August 26, 2020
  • Crafting the lowest tier for loadouts is now free.
  • Players can no longer be killed by Poison or Burn.
  • Challenge Reward Chests spawn away from danger.
  • Adjusted Breaker Sword second hit knockback to ensure third hit connects.
  • Only Treasure, Choice and Merchant rooms spawn behind Locks or Reinforcements now.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed collision across many levels.
  • Fixed up the Crystal Barrier Text
  • Invisible Mage Bug Fixed.
Balance Changes
  • Decreased all enemy damage at later levels
  • Decreased enemy health at later levels.
  • Balanced armor across all shields
  • Increased all ranged weapon damage
  • Increased health drops in Campground and later levels
  • Added more weak enemies to hometown
  • Rebalanced all exchange rooms to be more favorable to players
  • Increased parry trigger chance on Blowback
  • Reduced recovery on Feather-Foot Flip
  • Increased cooldown on Coldsnap
  • Increased leech effect chance of Vampire Fangs Keepsake
  • Increased shatter effect chance of Steel Ball Keepsake
  • Increased effect of Roller Rink Keepsake
  • Increased effect of Boxing Ring Keepsake
  • Increased effect of Bandage Keepsake
  • Increased effect of Pashmina Shawl Keepsake
  • Increased effect of Royal Flush Keepsake
  • Spring Feet Keepsake now confers Red Pit immunity
  • Tuned nightmare enemy configurations to be less overwhelming
  • Moved enemies away from doors to prevent players being hit on room entry.
  • Further increased auto-fire ranged weapon damage to offset projectile consumption.
  • The loadout crafting changes caused a nasty regression in the gift crafting.[]

September 9, 2020
  • Engine upgraded from UE4.21 to UE4.25
  • Numerous GPU compatibility crashes should be fixed (D3D Device Lost).
  • Numerous PhysX crashes should be fixed.
  • Numerous miscellaneous engine fixes (e.g. drop down list bug w/ gamepads etc.)
  • 2 years worth of optimizations by Epic Games
  • 25% reduction in file size on disk.
  • Logic to prevent Cassidy from getting stuck in geometry.
  • Logic to allow Cassidy to dodge out of corners when being mobbed.
  • Better support for future console ports.
  • Hotfix for Chinese characters not displaying in text[]

September 11, 2020
  • Fixes Some Lighting Bugs (Environment Captures + Volumetric Lightmaps)
  • Should resolve the rest of the Bloomed out levels
  • Performance improvements on Epic (particularly the first boss and other rooms with water/reflections)
  • Another layer of "anti-stuck" logic should take care of more edge cases
  • Fixes Bug where Dream Journal UI is partially invisible after interacting with characters.