Dreamscaper Wiki

When the "Show Hints" option is enabled the game will display a hint after arriving into each level.

List of Hints[]

  • Apply different combinations of elemental damage to enemies suffering from an elemental status to trigger a Critical Extinguish. Critical Extinguishes deal additional damage.
  • Dreamscaper is a procedurally generated action rougelite with permadeath. With each restart you will experience different sets of items and Dreamscapes to explore.
  • Tap LMB/Left Trigger just before being hit to Parry. Parries deflect projectiles and stagger groups of enemies. However, you can no parry attacks with red alerts.
  • Finding the nightmares too stong? Try "Lucid Mode" in the options menu. Every time Cassidy is defeated, she will gain a small boost to all damage resistance in the next dream. It can be turned on or off at any time.
  • Alt Attack by pressing MMB/Y. These attacks have unique behavior that you'll want o experiment with for each weapon.