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Cassidy uses Cold Snap

In addition to physical weapons, Cassidy also can learn and use abilities aka Lucid Attacks in Dreamscaper. These abilities are magical and dream-influenced and can affect space and time in her dreams.


When Cassidy starts a dream, she has Astral Blow equipped as her first ability. You find other abilities during Cassidy's dreams. During her dream, Cassidy can have up to two abilities equipped at the same time. To expand Cassidy's abilities, you will need to unlock them by building out her relationship with NPCs.

Example of Abilities

Cold Snap

Cassidy uses Cold Snap

Cassidy freezes enemies and snaps her fingers to shatter them from existence.

Dream Rush

Cassidy uses Dream Rush

Cassidy slows time, allowing her to dodge attacks and fight back with precision.

Optic Sear

Cassidy uses Optic Sear

Cassidy vaporizes enemies with a laser blast from her eyes.

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